RAM’s Storage Sidekick

January 18th, 2021 by

2021 RAM 1500 storage box


The 2021 RAM 1500 can be your storage sidekick. It offers plenty of cargo room with the RAMBOX Cargo Management System. I know some of y’alls trucks are covered with clothes, tools, empty bags, etc. No need to clutter the back seat of your truck anymore when you have plenty of space inside of the RAMBOX for your tools and little everyday things. There are not one but two RAMBOX’s located on either side of the truck bed. On the outside of the box is a 115-volt battery so your tools stay charged on the go.  The 115-volt battery is perfect to recharge your battery-operated tools such as drills. I’d also use it as an outlet to charge my phone or laptop if I’m outside for a tailgate. I personally don’t need to carry any tools around so I would use the Rambox to hold my wet stuff such as swimsuits, wet towels, sandy board leashes, the kid’s toys, or hide a gift on the way home. The possibilities are endless. Never be left in the dark, It has built-in lighting on the inside of the cargo box. The light also lets you check if any little critters somehow get in there before you stick your hand in. A great feature of the battery is the truck doesn’t need to be on. The storage box isn’t exactly watertight so in case what does get in there, there is a drainage hole to get all of the excess water out so your stuff stays dry. One downside of the Rambox is it does compromise bed space. If having the entire bed space to use is a high priority of yours, I would advise not to add it. If you are okay with losing a little bit of space on each side, I would definitely recommend opting for the Rambox. It comes in handy to store things that would clutter up the bed or the inside of your truck. I think the RAMBOX is a great addition to any truck and luckily you can only get it on a Ram. The RAMBOX can be locked from your key-fob or with the standard key.  This class-exclusive cargo system is the icing on the cake compared to all of the other standard intelligent features on the RAM 1500. The RAMBOX is not standard on any truck, it is an available option on the RAM 1500 and RAM 2500.  Come see for yourself at Safford Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Salisbury! Stay tuned for more on the split tailgate next week! 

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